Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The great sadness

YEEEAAAH! I'm so proud of myself! I'm now the proud owner of a RUNNING 1965 Honda! Now it's just a matter of getting my license and learning how to ride the darn thing, lol. thing at a time.
Slowly but surely I'm actually getting a few bears together and working on a pattern for a primitive style bear pull-toy doll. Hopefully he'll turn out the way I see him in my minds eye. Crackled, aged and on beautifully rusted wheels. I haven't done a prim doll in quite a while.
Hubby's gone again. It's the one downfall with his job. I clean the house like crazy in order to cope but I miss the place he fills when he's gone. It makes my day amazingly brighter when I see he's left a text message for me while I slept. He's the only man that ever REALLY made me feel beautiful inside and out and more importantly, really, truly and deeply loved. Working on our 8th year of marriage and we still shower together. Small, I know-but it's the small things that matter but get overlooked the most. I would never trade a day with him for anything-or even a day with out him. The days he's gone and I sulk-it keeps me appreciating what I have. *Sigh* I could go on about him all day =) Maybe one day I'll talk about how we met. That would probably explain to anyone who reads this why we have such an amazing bond.
A Tale of True LoversThousands of miles away
Pages and words to bridge
Closing of my eyes momentarily
Hmmmmm, there he is
Slowly inhale, lingering essence of lust
Ages will foretell the love, the romance of us.
Generations will envy the attraction,
Magnetism our heart's unfolds
History will be colored, tainted with the lovepouring from our souls.
Eyes will hunger for a glimpse of what we share
Finger tips, hands will quiver and long to journey there
Touching, reaching out to grasp what we have discovered
Falling short of their quest for their spiritual lover.

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