Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Soooo, now I join the ranks....

First, please don't expect miracles from me or this blog. I suck at doing things like this. I try and blame it on being busy but...that's pretty far from the truth. I love to do just about anything but write about myself.

Today (ya ya I know it's 11:19 pm) is my first day on Blogger. Hurray for me! Why is it people are so consumed with blogging? Oh yes, it's therapeutic. Good. I guess I'll be here alot.
If I feel REALLY generous and if you act interested, I may add some great recipes here for you to use as you wish. I really don't even care if you give me credit for them or not. I used to make all kinds of bath goodies & massage oils but now I just make em for Hubby and I. Did I forget to mention that I also have great recipes for edible goodies for you and your "special" other?
Those are the best recipes IMO =)
If I feel SUPER generous I may even post a teddy bear pattern or two for you to have fun with! That's what I do now. Miniature bears. But I also make Zombie bears & purses even. (YES, we have a Zombie survival plan!) I mean what's life without a little un-death?
Ok, I'm babbling about even dumber crap that usual so I'm going to bed =)
Happy Nightmares!