Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where is spring?

Are you like me?

Think that as soon as "spring" hits the calendar it should miraculously be spring? I'm so terribly tired of the cold here. Granted it was cold in Ohio but Chicago has it's own temperature scale so it seems. 15 below here seems like a million below with the wind. UGH, the wind!

Yesterday I dug my motorcyle out. By today's standard I suppose one would call it a scooter but she's my baby. She's just as old and crusty as I am. Part of why I love her!

The bike was bad off when we purchased her. I found her on ebay and was not going to lose the bid no matter what. It did state that she was running but she was a 10 hour drive away so there wasn't exactly any way to check her out first =)

I've had her for several years now and have tinkered with her off and on. We haven't had any extra money for me to really get into her and get her fixed right away. Locating some of the parts took time to but then again she is from 1965.

I finally found a replica carb built in the proper way to match each OEM piece perfectly. I was really excited to see someone finally is producing it.

To back-peddle a little, when I purchased her, she was NOT running, not in the least. Ater I started tearing into it, the fuel tank was loaded with pinholes. The fuel had eaten and hardened the foam of the seat and the petcock was literally packed so hard with rust it was like trying to clean rock out of it. So needless to say the tank, petcock & seat were trash. That was just the beginning.

To save you all the boring details, there isn't much that hasn't been replaced. This summer will be her first actual time on the road in MANY years. At the top of this post is a picture of how she looked when I aquired her. I had a website all about her and what had been done so far but sadly I had it on AOL's Homepage which they shut down. So one of these days I'll do a new site. Hopefully it will help anyone else trying to restore one of these beautiful old bikes. I'm really excited to be getting her on the road!
So, on to another topic!
I'm slowly getting a couple new things listed on my website, etsy and artfire. I've been working on a few more anime style bears. I love making them. They leave so much room for creativity! Things are just slow because of me working on the bike (Goth chicks that are old farts and work on motorcycles are GREAT! Don't ya think?) Speaking of's 7:30 am on a cold disgusting Wednesday and I have a bike to get back to.

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