Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jalapeno Jelly attacks!

So today, I'm unpacking. Same old stuff every day. Seems like the same old boxes too. Seems even like it will never end.
Suddenly I decide I've had enough and whip out 1lbs of jalapenos. Next thing I know I'm looking at 7 jars of Hot Jalapeno Jelly cooling on my counter. *Gigglin* Cracks me up when out of absolutely nowhere I NEED to drop what I'm doing and bake or do crafty crap. Why, it's a wonder I ever get anything finished!
I still haven't found my printer. So I keep hoping nothing sells in my etsy shop since I can't print shipping labels. Bad, huh?
HHHmmmm my hands are on fire after handling all those peppers. Wish I would have found my gloves. That'll teach me! And you! Pay attention when I tell you- Jalapenos=Gloves! This stuff would make a great lip plumper! My whole house smelled like sweet jalapenos all day. :)
So now Hubby's home. We had the vegan equivilant of tacos. They sure hit the spot.
My Mom goes in for knee surgery tomorrow. I know she'll be okay but she's had bad experiences with surgeries before so she gets pretty stressed out. But she should be able to walk and move more comfortably after all this is done. I miss her. I miss my family. I miss Ohio.
I'm going back to cuddle up with my silky Dragon comforter my Hubby bought for me 8 years ago. I love it toooooo much!
I'll try and write more tomorrow

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